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The Fate of Emigration

Guided Tour at "Das Verborgene Museum" for the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin (in German)

Gerti Deutsch and Jeanne Mandello are two Jewish photographers who left Austria and Germany respectively after the Nazis seized power. In 1936, two years before the "Anschluss" (annexation) of Austria, Gerti German left Vienna for London. Jeanne Mandello had already fled Frankfurt for Paris in 1934, and from there went on to Montevideo, Uruguay.

"Das Verborgene Museum" (The hidden museum) is now exploring the work of these two artists in an exhibition. The fate of flight and emigration shaped the lives of both photographers, as did for Jeanne Mandello also the almost complete destruction of her work.

It is our pleasure to offer you an exceptional tour where Marion Beckers, managing director and head curator at the museum, and Elisabeth Moortgat, member of the museum board, will present the life and work of these two women.

Das verborgene Museum (The hidden museum)

Website of "Das Verborgene Museum"

Photography (black and white), two men

© Gerti Deutsch, FOTOHOF archive and gettyimages

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    6,50 euros

  • Please noteAn event organized by the "Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin e.V."

    Meetingpoint4:45 hours, Das verborgene Museum, Dokumentation der Kunst von Frauen e.V. , Schlüterstr. 70, 10625 Berlin

    Bookings / Booking deadline16 January

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