"Between Marrakesh and Mashhad. Jews in Islamic Countries"

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Marrakesh; CC-BY-2.0 Christine and Hagen Graf; Mashhad; CC BY-NC 2.0 daniyal62

Film Series "Between Marrakesh and Mashhad. Jews in Islamic Countries"

Following on from the Jewish-Moroccan Film Week, the academy program’s Jewish-Islamic Forum showed the film and reading series "Between Marrakesh and Mashhad" exploring the past and present of Jews in different countries of North Africa and the Middle East from July 2016 to September 2017. The series was part of the key theme "Jews in Islamic Countries," which concluded with a conference in October 2017.

Jewish-Moroccan Film Week (5) My Heart in the Maghreb Show all

My Heart in the Maghreb

In May 2016, the film week My Heart in the Maghreb presented a variety of perspectives on Moroccan Judaism, with feature and documentary films from France, Canada, Israel, and especially from Morocco itself. Most of the films made their German debut in the festival.

Opening of the Jewish-Moroccan Film Week

8 May 2016
Introductory Talk by Daniel J. Schroeter and Concert by Neta Elkayam Howa Jani

White Walls & Come Mother

9 May 2016
Two movies: White Walls (Director: Meital Abekassis) and Come Mother (Director: Sami Shalom Chetrit)

Goodbye Mothers, Moroccan Jews. Destinies Undone & Where are you going, Moshe?

10 May 2016
Three movies: Goodbye Mothers (Director: Mohamed Ismaïl), Moroccan Jews. Destinies Undone (Director: Younes Laghrari) & Where are you going, Moshe? (Director: Hassan Benjelloun)

Aïda & The Midnight Orchestra

11 May 2016
Two movies: Aïda (Director: Driss Mrini) und The Midnight Orchestra (Director: Jérôme Cohen Olivar)

Oulad Moumen & They were Promised the Sea

12 May 2016
Two movies and Closing Panel


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