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Four questions – what does it mean to be Jewish?

Digital Workshop (in German)

Who is Jewish? What is Jewish? This workshop first addresses the question of how we imagine ourselves. What characteristics define me? Which group do I feel I belong to? What constitutes identity? What does home mean to me?

By appointment



For her film 4 Questions, the director and artist Yael Reuveny interviewed Jewish men and women. We will show clips from this work and discuss how the protagonists define their Jewish identity on, looking for commonalities and differences. Our aim is to discuss the ideas that workshop participants have about Judaism today. Is Judaism a religion, a culture, or a people? 4 Questions shows that Jews are very diverse but can also be a collective.

Religiöse Gegenstände (Kippa, Kiddusch-Becher, Elias-Becher, Menora, Schofar)

Religious objects (kippa, Kiddush cup, Elias cup, menorah, shofar); Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Birgit Maurer-Porat

Digital Workshop Agenda

  • The contact person will be sent a link to the video conference platform Zoom in advance.
  • Workshop introduction by the guide via video stream.
  • The guide presents film clips on the topic of being Jewish, and the participants vote online on various questions.
  • The guide chairs the discussion and creates a summary of the content via video stream.

For more information on the technical requirements, see Programs for Schools.

Information for School Groups

Curriculum Framework

We recommend this workshop for elementary schools as part of religious education or humanistic life skills lessons.

Moreover, we have adapted this offer to the following modules of the Berlin and Brandenburg curriculum framework for the subjects ethics and religion in grades 7 to 10:

  • 3.1 Who am I? Identity and Role (in relation to religions and world views)
  • 3.6 What can I trust? Knowledge and Faith (the question of meaning in religions and world views / basic knowledge of monotheistic religions)

In order to tailor this offer to your group, we require information about the learning context (type of school, subject, and teaching topic) as well as the group size and the school’s technical equipment at the time of booking. This workshop’s content and methods are adapted to the learning level of the curriculum framework. The group requires no previous knowledge.

Where, when, what?

  • Cost per group 100 € for adults
    65 € for adults reduced rate
    45 € für School groups

    Number of participants up to 15

    RegistrationT +49 (0)30 259 93 305 (Mon–Fri, 10 am–4 pm)
    For groups we offer workshops on your desired date. Please contact us 4-6 weeks before your desired date for this service.

    Please note This workshop is suitable for grades 5 to 13 as well as for adults.

    Languages We offer this workshop in German.

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