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Detail from an oil painting: portrait of Moses Mendelssohn in half profile, the eyes are directed at the viewer, the left eye is highlighted by a red frame

City Walk: The Men­dels­sohns in Fried­rich­stadt

Buil­dings and In­divi­du­als in a New Neigh­bor­hood for a New Era

Tour guide Eva Ghosh will take us on a walk through the Fried­rich­stadt neigh­bor­hood. In 1815, two of philo­so­pher Mo­ses Men­dels­sohn’s sons, both ban­kers, relo­ca­ted their com­pany to a new loca­tion at Jäge­rstraße 51 between the Ro­yal Gi­ro and Trust Bank (Kgl. Giro- und Lehn­bank) and the Prussian Mari­time Tra­ding Com­pany (Preu­ßischen See­hand­lung). Over the years, the fa­mi­ly owned six diffe­rent buil­dings in the neigh­bor­hood; their histo­rical loca­tions will be poin­ted out du­ring the tour.

In the se­cond part of the session, we will visit the exhi­bi­tion at the Men­dels­sohn-Re­mise guided by Ms. Ghosh. You will learn all about the fa­mily, its phi­lan­thropy, its net­work of business­people, scien­tists and scho­lars, musi­cians, and vi­sual ar­tists; and the for­ced liqui­da­tion at the hands of the Nazi re­gime.

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