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Exhibition Publications

Our temporary exhibitions have had accompanying catalogs, journals, and essay collections in various formats.

  • Gray book cover with the title ZERHEILT and a banderole with a photo of a person sitting alone in the red audience seats of a theater

    Frédéric Brenner: ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES

    Accompanying publication to the homonymous exhibition


  • The cover shows a golden figure on a black background. Her left arm is raised, on her hand an eagle takes flight.

    Yael Bartana. The Book of Malka Germania

    Accompanying publication to the exhibition Yael Bartana – Redemption Now


  • res·o·nant. Mischa Kuball

    Exhibition Catalog


  • The cover of our catalog for the Jerusalem exhibition.

    Welcome to Jerusalem

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Eran Shakine

    Exhibition Catalog A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew


    Exhibition Catalog

  • Jewish Mathematicians in German-Speaking Academic Culture

    Exhibition Catalog Transcending Tradition

  • No Compromises! The Art of Boris Lurie

    Exhibition Catalog

  • In a Foreign Country

    Companion booklet to the exhibition about literature from DP camps

  • Obedience

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Pictures Galore and Collecting Mania

    Exhibition Brochure

  • Snip it!

    Exhibition Catalog


  • Braginsky Collection

    Catalog for the exhibition The Creation of the World featuring artifacts of Jewish written culture from the Braginsky Collection

  • Fred Stein. Paris New York

    Exhibition Catalog


  • A Time for Everything

    Rituals against Forgetting – Exhibition catalog

  • The Whole Truth

    Special Issue for the Exhibition

    JMB Journal

  • Obsessions
    R.B. Kitaj

    Catalog for the exhibition about the artist R.B. Kitaj (1932–2007)

  • Russians Jews Germans

    A catalog accompanying the exhibition Russians Jews Germans. Photographs by Michael Kerstgens from 1992 to the Present


  • Berlin Transit

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Heimatkunde (How German is it?)

    30 Artists' Notion of Home – Exhibition Catalog

  • Radical Jewish?

    Special Issue for the Radical Jewish Culture Exhibition


  • Jewish Forced Laborers at Ehrich & Graetz

    Book about forced labor at the metal and electric goods manufacturer in Berlin's Treptow district

  • Heroes, Freaks, and Super-Rabbis

    Exhibition catalog about Jewish authors and illustrators and comics

  • Flight and Metamorphosis

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Kosher & Co.

    Catalog for the exhibition on food and religion containing numerous essays (with free excerpts)


  • Deadly Medicine

    Exhibition Catalog Tödliche Medizin. Rassenwahn im Nationalsozialismus
    (Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race)

  • Ruth Jacobi. Photographs

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Looting Restitution

    Jewish-Owned Cultural Artifacts from 1933 to the Present

  • Typical!

    Exhibition Catalog typisch! Klischees von Juden und Anderen
    (Typical! Clichés about Jews and Others)

  • Dateline: Israel

    Exhibition catalog of contemporary photography and video art

  • "Neben seinen Schnürsenkeln in einem leeren Kühlschrank laufen" ("Walking Next to One’s Shoelaces Inside an Empty Fridge")

    Book on the Installation by Chantal Akerman

  • Charlotte Salomon

    Exhibition Catalog Charlotte Salomon. Leben? oder Theater?
    (Charlotte Salomon: Life? Or Theater?)

  • The Danube Exodus

    Companion publication to the multimedia installation The Danube Exodus: The Rippling Currents of the River

  • Home and Exile

    Exhibition Catalog

  • PSYCHOanalysis

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Roman Vishniac's Berlin

    Exhibition Catalog


  • JMB Logo


    Exhibition Catalog

  • Family Pictures

    Exhibition Publication

  • Jakob Steinhardt: Der Prophet (Jakob Steinhardt: The Prophet)

    A Publication by the Berlin Municipal Museum

  • 10+5=Gott (10+5=God)

    Exhibition Catalog

  • Cover “Carlo Levi”

    Carlo Levi

    Exhibition Catalog Carlo Levi. Ausgewählte Werke 1926–1974
    (Carlo Levi. Selected Works, 1926–1974)


  • “Dem Deutschen Volke” (To the German People)

    The Story of the Loevy Bronze Foundry (Exhibition Publication)


  • Disposable Eyes

    Companion publication to two photography projects, Disposable Eyes and Promised Land

  • Collect, Fold, Count

    Museum Guide