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Please note that the museum will be closed on the following dates for the High Holy Days: 16, 17 and 25 September.

Graphic with marble bust of Moses Mendelssohn against blue background, next to it the inscription: Cultural Summer 2022

Now That’s En­lightened!

Long Night of Muse­ums 2022

It's fi­nally happe­ning again - the Long Night of Muse­ums! And the Je­wish Muse­um Ber­lin is also ope­ning its doors, provi­ding a night full of illu­mi­nating mo­ments and sur­pri­sing rays of hope for enlighten­ment – entire­ly in the spi­rit of the current exhi­bition about the Jew­ish philo­sopher Mo­ses Men­delssohn.

How enlighten­ed are we to­day? We in­vite you to an Enlighten­ment-style salon with author and mode­rator Marion Brasch and exci­ting guests who will talk about fake news, conspi­racy theo­ries and ru­mors, as well as per­sonal to­pics.

Past event

Map with all buildings that belong to the Jewish Museum Berlin. The Old Building is marked in green


Old Building, ground level, Glass Courtyard
Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

The cura­tors of the Men­delssohn exhi­bi­tion will also be on hand to pro­vide in­sights into the de­bates of the eigh­teenth cen­tury, and the mu­seum café will intro­duce Fromet Men­delssohn in her role as hos­tess with special­ties and drinks from that time. DJ of the evening is the Ukrainian artist and musician Nikolay Karabinovych, whose experimental work investigates the intercultural archives of memory in Eastern Europe through sound, text and performance.

Immer­se your­self in the Age of Enlighten­ment and life of the fa­mous Enlighten­ment philo­sopher in the exhi­bition “We Dreamed of Nothing but Enlighten­ment” – Moses Men­delssohn, and visit the new per­ma­nent exhi­bition, Jew­ish Life in Ger­many: Past and Pre­sent. Express tours through both exhi­bitions will be offered in Ger­man and English.

A joint event of the Berlin Mu­seums and Kultur­projekte Ber­lin GmbH

Portrait of Marion Brasch, hands in pockets, with bar table in the background

Marion Brasch; photo: Holmsohn © Marion Brasch

Now that’s enlightened! Salon with Marion Brasch and DJ Nikolay Karabinovych

(in German)

8 pm Welcome – Hetty Berg, Director of the JMB
8.10 pm What is Enlightenment? – curator Thomas Lackmann on Moses Mendelssohn and his significance today
Enlightenment and Temple of Friendship – gastronome Birgitt Claus on food culture in the age of Enlightenment
8.45 pm Enlightenment at the Federal Press Conference – former Deputy Government Spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer and newsblogger Tilo Jung on the relationship between politics and journalism
9.30 pm Enlightenment and Conspiracy Theory – political educator Julia Y. Alfandari on antisemitic ideas and the educated middle class
10 pm War and the Limits of Enlightenment – musician and artist Nikolay Karabinovych on the resilient art of Ukraine
afterwards Lounge music with DJ Nikolay Karabinovych
Graphic with Egyptian bust in bright colors and the inscription: Long Night of Museums 27.8.2022 Back again!

Guided tours

(30 minutes each)

6 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm, 11 pm Short Gui­ded Tour: High­lights of the Per­manent Exhi­bition (German)
Im Schnell­durchlauf durchs Jüdische Museum Berlin: Ausge­wählte Objek­te und Sta­tionen geben einen Ein­blick in die Ge­schichte des Juden­tums in Deutsch­land sowie die jüdische Kultur und Reli­gion – und machen Lust auf mehr!
7 pm, 9 pm Short Gui­ded Tour: High­lights of the Core Exhi­bition (English)
An Ex­press Tour through the Je­wish Mu­seum Ber­lin: Selec­ted ob­jects and sta­tions pro­vide an in­sight into the his­tory of Juda­ism in Ger­many, as well as Jew­ish cul­ture and reli­gion – they’ll whet your appe­tite for more!
6:30 pm
7:30 pm
9:30 pm
11:30 pm
Short Tour: „Wir träum­ten von nichts als Auf­klärung“ – Moses Mendels­sohn (German)
Zuwan­derer, Auf­­klärer und Self­made-Intellek­tueller: Unter­nehmen Sie eine kurze Zeit­­reise in das Leben Moses Mendels­­sohns und die Dis­kurse der Auf­klärung zu Tole­ranz, Menschen­­rechten, Mei­nungs- und Religions­­freiheit.
8:30 pm
10:30 pm
Short Guided Tour: “We dreamed of no­thing but Enlighten­ment” – Moses Mendels­sohn (English)
Immi­grant, Enlighten­ment Thinker and Self-made Intellec­tual: Take a brief jour­ney through time into the life of Mo­ses Men­delssohn and Enlighten­ment dis­courses on tole­rance, human rights, free­dom of ex­pression and reli­gion.

Long Night of Mu­seums 2022

Fur­ther infor­mation on the Long Night of Museums 2022.

Where, when, what?

  • When Sat 27 Aug 2022, 6 pm
  • Duration 8 hours
  • Where Old Building, ground level, Glass Courtyard

    Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

    See location on map
  • Entry fee

    Long Night Ticket, available from 1 August (until 14 August: 12 €, reduced rate10 € , thereafter: 18 € , reduced rate 12 € ). Also available from the museum ticket desk on the day of the event.
    Children up to 12 years of age admitted free of charge.

  • Tours Please register on site at the info point for express tours of the JMB.

    LanguageThe event will be conducted in German apart from the English short tours in the program.

    Corona rulesAll guests to live events are required to follow the current hygiene regulations of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

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Events accompanying the exhibition: “We dreamed of nothing but Enlightenment” – Moses Mendelssohn (11)