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Monday Movies: Three Days and a Child

Auteur Film by Uri Zohar (Hebrew with English Subtitles)

Uri Zohar has frequently been called the “Godard of Israel.” Adopting methods from the French New Wave of cinema, his film Three Days and a Child portrays the cityscape of Jerusalem, through which mathematics student Eli drifts with his ex-girlfriend’s son.

During the three days Eli is supposed to babysit, he relives painful memories of the love of his life and engages in a dangerous game.

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Zohar’s auteuristic films ushered in Israeli’s cinema’s “New Sensibility,” which turned its back on collectivism and focused on individuals.

David Gurfinkel was the camera operator of Three Days and a Child. In this clip, he discusses the 2015 digital restoration of the film, which was sponsored by the Jerusalem Cinemateque and carried out by Realworks Restoration Studios (Hebrew with English subtitles).

Orginal title Shlosha Yamim Veyeled (Three Days and a Child)
Genre Auteur film
Directed by Uri Zohar
Produced in Israel
Languages Hebrew with English subtitles
Released 1967
Length 90 minutes
Two film stills: A man and a boy sitting next to each other; A woman is perched on the sidewalk, with her back to a man standing behind her

Film stills from Three Days and a Child

Uri Zohar

Uri Zohar, born in 1935 in Tel Aviv, was Israel’s most prominent director in the early 1970s. His films combined Israeli reality with elements of French New Wave filmmaking.
In the 1970s, he changed careers and lifestyles and went from being a secular Jewish enfant terrible filmmaker to an Orthodox rabbi.

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