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A Book Week on Diversity in Children’s and Youth Literature

From 21 to 27 October 2013, the Jewish Museum Berlin in cooperation with kulturkind e.V. presents a variety of books on the theme of diversity in readings, workshops, and discussions. Authors, illustrators, translators, and publishers are invited to attend.

"Could you recommend us a current book on Jewish life in Germany?" – this is a question regularly posed by museum visitors. In order to have manifold responses to this request, employees of different museum departments have read, discussed, and selected numerous books on the theme of diversity in the past months.

In light of the historical experience of discrimination and persecution of minorities, the museum’s interest lies in the harmonious coexistence of all those living in Germany. We therefore sought not only books that address Judaism in an understandable and contemporary manner, but also searched more broadly for literature that depicts diversity in society in good, authentic, unprejudiced, entertaining, and original ways.

A diversity which refers not only to ethnic and cultural origins and religious affiliation, but also to perceptions of the future, family constellations, sexual orientation, age, and gender. The selected books tell of a variety of things including patchwork and rainbow families, asylum seekers in Germany, animal and human language confusion, street children, of religious diversity in everyday life and of football and friendship.


Monday 21 October:
Reading "Opa und der Hunde-Schlamassel" (original English title: "When Life Gives You O.J.") with the translator Gesine Strempel (sold out)

Tuesday 22 October:
Reading and Illustration Workshop "Wenn der Löwe brüllt" (When the lion roars) with the author Nasrin Siege and illustrator Barbara Nascimbeni (sold out)

Wednesday 23 October:
Reading and Illustration Workshop “Rosie und der Urgroßvater” (Rosie and the great-grandfather) with the illustrator Barbara Steinitz

Panel Discussion "What Should Children Read? What do Children Want to Read?"

Thursday 24 October:
Reading "Nathan und seine Kinder" (Nathan and his children) with the author Mirjam Pressler

Friday 25 October:
Reading "Gaggalagu" with the author Michael Stavariç

Reading "Seidenhaar" with the author Aygen-Sibel Çelik

Sunday 27 October:
Open Day at the Academy

Further information on the readings and illustration workshops can be found under the Kids, Students, Teachers section of the website.
Reading Corners in the Academy

Children’s and youth books on religion, migration, and coexistence that the Jewish Museum's employees have selected and recommend can be viewed and read in the cozy reading corners in the Jewish Museum Berlin Academy. Diversity games are also presented here.

21.10.-25.10.2013 from midday to 4 pm and on Academy Open Day

Some of the books have already been covered on the museum blog, Blogerim.

The selection of books is featured in a brochure that presents a total of 30 pictures, children’s books, and graphic novels each in a short text and recommends about 20 further books. It will be presented at the book week and can then also be downloaded here in PDF format:

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