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The cottage in Ukraine

Object Day Regensburg: Dmytro Melnik

“Show us your story!“ – Beginning last year, the Jewish participants in the Object Days project have followed this invitation by recounting their migration stories.

A middle-aged man is holding a colourful picture, hand-painted by his daughter; the picture shows a little house and a flower

Dmytro Melnik, born 17 March 1963 in Khmelnytskyi, USSR, now Ukraine.
In Germany since 2014.
Journalist and director.
Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Stephan Pramme

We decided to leave for Germany in 2013. My wife is a pediatric cardiologist and wanted to continue her education. There was unfortunately no option to do so in Ukraine, and there was also no chance of our daughters going to university. We submitted the final papers for immigration on November 13. Exactly two weeks later the famous protests broke out in Ukraine and the crisis escalated. My seven-year-old daughter painted this picture and gave it to me for my birthday. It shows our small house in Ukraine and reminds us of our home. The connection to our country, to the places there, will always remain.

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