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on.tour for Elementary Schools

A Mobile Educational Program for Berlin and Brandenburg

With the Suitcase Full of Surprises program, the mobile educational initiative on.tour – The Jewish Museum Berlin Tours Schools is targeting elementary students aged 6 to 11 in Berlin and Brandenburg. It is designed to teach children about Jewish life past and present in their familiar school environment.

By appointment

A Suitcase Full of Surprises

Our mobile program for elementary schools touches on various cultural, religious, and historical aspects of Judaism. Offering a wealth of objects that the students can pick up and examine, the team members promote a playful, explorative, research-centered, and self-directed approach to learning. Workshops and project days can be designed from thirteen combinable thematic modules to meet specific group needs.

For students aged 6 and older, we recommend the following modules:

  • The Hebrew Language and Alphabet: Bible, Torah, and Siddur
  • Religious Symbols and Places: Menorah, Star of David, Pomegranate, Temple, and Synagogue

For students aged 8 and older, we recommend:

  • Jewish Dietary Laws
  • Religious Dress and Prayer: Kippah, Tallit, and Teffilin
  • The Jewish Calendar and the Annual Cycle of Jewish Festivals
  • Everyday Life, Festivals, Day of Rest (Sabbath)
  • The Jewish Museum Berlin and Its Architecture (Daniel Libeskind)
  • Jewish Festivals I: Passover
  • Jewish Festivals II: Hanukkah
  • Jewish Festivals III: Purim
A girl hangs a pomegranate-shaped gift on a tree branch

A girl hangs a pomegranate-shaped gift on a tree branch
Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jule Roehr

For students aged 9 and older, we recommend:

  • Coming of Age in Judaism: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • National Socialism: Emigration and Hakhshara before the Second World War
  • Local and Regional History: Looking for Traces of History in Local Communities

After a prior consultation, we will put together a program for your class. The workshops normally last two to four school periods (90 to 180 min.), but we will gladly come to your school for the entire day (six periods). The workshops fit in perfectly with your school day, enabling students to learn about Judaism in the familiar rhythm of their daily schedules.

Where, when, what?

  • Entry fee

    Begins at 50 euros, depending on scope

  • Please contact us for an individual offer

    phone: +49 (0)30 259 93 343

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