Open Tours

These tours take place on a regular basis. Individual visitors may, but do not need to register in advance. Just come and join the group!

All tours take place in German unless otherwise noted.
July, August and September 2015
Child looking through a magnifying glass

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3 pm Jewish Life and Traditions (in German language)

11 am Through the Museum in Seven League Boots (in German language)
2 pm Obedience. Guided tour through the special exhibition (till 13 September, in German language)

The walls slant, the ground slopes. The underground floor of the Jewish Museum Berlin, namely the axes of "Exile," "Holocaust," and "Continuity," affect our experience of space. Architect Daniel Libeskind drew on German-Jewish history in his design for the museum’s architecture. The labyrinthine "Garden of Exile" tests the visitor’s sense of balance and provides a metaphor for the loss of orientation in foreign countries. In the "Memory Void," iron sculptures to touch, hear, and smell remember the victims of terror and violence. The sounds in the axes and voids enhance the unusual sensory experience. Jonas Hauer, guide for the blind, says that, "the cold sounds are not comparable to those of any other building". In addition, tactile models of the building make this architectural interpretation of Jewish-German history immediately palpable.

When: 4 pm
Duration: 1,5 hours
Admission: 3 euros (plus admission)

For more information on the tour, please click this link.
Candles, Wine, and Braided Challa Bread
Family Tour on Jewish life with Baking Workshop
13 and 17 September 2015

Friday evening sees the beginning not only of the weekend but also of the Shabbat. Jews regard the Shabbat as the seventh day of the week. Many Jews begin this day of rest with a ceremonious meal in the company of family – two candles, wine, and two braided yeast loaves belong on the festive table. This braided bread is called "challa" in the singular and "challot" in the plural. What happens to it, why a spice box is sniffed on a Saturday night, and which other traditions shape everyday habits and Jewish life can be experienced in the exhibition.

To round off, we bake proper challot in the academy's workshop kitchen and enjoy tucking into it! Have a nice weekend or Shabbat Shalom!

When: 11 am
Duration: 2,5 hours
Admission: 3 euros (plus admission)

For more information on the tour, please click this link.