Ruth Klüger: "Was Frauen schreiben" (What women write)

Book Presentation

"Frauen lesen anders" (Women read differently) claims the author Ruth Klüger in her book of the same name. The esteemed literary scholar and feminist discovers with much wit and calm irony that women are always reading books by men, but that works by Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf or Jane Bowles are not amongst most men’s favorite books. In her new book "Was Frauen schreiben" (What women write) she examines the question of whether women also write differently. Do they look at the world through spectacles tinted a different shade? She looks for answers in works by authors as different as Herta Müller and Nadine Gordimer, Erika Mann and J. K. Rowling, Slavenka Drakulic, Doris Dörrie, Margaret Atwood and many more. Ruth Klüger’s predominant theme is literature from a female perspective.

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