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Summer Party 2019

Land in sight!
Event as Part of the Cultural Summer Program

The preparations for the opening of the new permanent exhibition and the Children’s Museum are in full swing.
At the summer party, we will give you a preview of some of the new exhibits and invite you on a tour of the huge wooden ark construction site. In the Story Tent, our young visitors will enjoy stories about the ark and its animal passengers. And in the Upcycling Art Lab, children get creative making imaginative animals from recycled materials.

Our team for the interactive map Jewish Places will also have a booth at the party. At the booth, you can try out the map on tablets, learn more about the project, and take part in the Jewish Places quiz.

Past event

Map with all buildings that belong to the Jewish Museum Berlin. The Old Building is marked in green


Museum Garden
Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

And program on the summer stage is a must of course – in the Museum Garden, the Berlin band Masha Ray mixes retro sounds with modern beats and will have guests grooving to a fusion of electro swing, dancehall, folk, and pop.

Jewish Places

Summer Party 2019 – Holiday on Delay, photo: Daniela Incoronato

Those who like it cozier can enjoy the stage program from a deck chair sipping a cool drink. Have a good laugh over “Holiday On Delay”, a one-woman street show by Israeli artist Jay Toor boasting side-splitting slapstick humor à la Charlie Chaplin.

And as always, there are all kinds of culinary delights to be enjoyed, children’s make-up, giant bubbles, exciting hands-on activities and much, much more!

A cooperation with Erzählkunst e.V.

Summer Party Program

At the museum

Building an Ark
(in German)
Beginning next spring, the Noah’s Ark at the new Children’s Museum will be open to playful and inquisitive visitors between the ages of 3 and 10. But there is already plenty to discover. Which animals will be coming along for the ride? All aboard, kids with curiosity!
2.30–5 pm, every 30 minutes
(in German)
Can’t wait for the new permanent exhibition? In exclusive preview presentations, our curators will show you artifacts they find exciting and moving. The artifacts will be telling their stories (and history) in our museum starting in May 2020.
2.30–5.30 pm, every 45 minutes
Exhibitions In Conversation
A Is for Jewish
(in German and English)
Weddings, commandments, homeland. At the exhibition A Is for Jewish, we will be hosting several conversations and activities related to everyday Jewish life in Germany. Join us!
2–3 pm + 4.30–5.30 pm: M is for Mitzvot
2–5 pm: H is for Home
3–4.30 pm + 5.30–6.30 pm: K is for getting to Know
Exhibitions In Conversation
This Place
(in German)
In short art dialogues we present one photo artist and his/her work in the exhibition.
3 pm Frédéric Brenner – presented by Katharina Erben
4 pm Wendy Ewald – presented by Sapir Hubermann
5 pm Thomas Struth – presented by Katharina Erben

In the Garden

Concert Masha Ray From electro-swing and dance hall to Balkan pop and klezmer, the new Berlin band Masha Ray will be mixing melodic vintage sounds with modern beats on the Museum Garden’s summer stage.
Masha Raykhman (vocals), Roman Andor (DJ), Vlad Ginzburg (clarinet), Hannah Wiese (contrabass/electric bass)
3 + 5 pm
Comedy Show Holiday on Delay Make way for a one-woman slapstick street show à la Charlie Chaplin! The Israeli artist Jay Toor and her on-stage alter ego Giselle la Pearl will take you on an almost perfect day by the seashore.
3.30 pm
Storytelling: In One Boat
(in German)
Yifat Maor and Sven Tjaben will tell stories and sing songs about the animals that got along so well on Noah’s Ark. They will impress listeners of all ages with the respect and fairness of the animal passengers, who could serve as role models to us today.
With music • in German and Hebrew; In collaboration with Erzählkunst e. V.
2.30 + 3.30 + 4.25 + 5 pm

For the Whole Family

Upcycling Art Lab
(in German and English)
Elephants, horses, giraffes – the Ark had so much space on and below deck! And how much space do you have left in your kids’ rooms? Stop by and construct animals out of crazy recycled materials. The animals will no doubt want to follow you home.
2–6 pm
Stories from the Ark
(in German)
How were rabbits and wolves, lions and gazelles persuaded to take a voyage together? And who persuaded them? Our librarian Ulrike Sonnemann reads fascinating books about the Ark that feature excellent illustrations too.
3 + 4.30 + 5.30 pm
Animals Lovers Color in, cut out, pin on: At the stand of the Friends of the Museum, you and your family can design your own buttons with the animals of the Children’s Museum.
Meanwhile, in the garden: Baking matzah, giant blocks, soap bubbles, jumping ponies, and face paint

Garden Buffet

Our Museum Café, catered by eßkultur, will be firing up the grill for the summer fest and serving freshly baked animal cakes for the desert buffet. There will also be summery Middle Eastern street food in the garden, courtesy of Refueat and their falafel bike. Kids will love the watermelon sticks at the Kumpirella stand, which will also be serving freshly squeezed pomagranate and orange juice. And of course there will be ice cream, coffee, and cold drinks.

Summer Party; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Svea Pietschmann

Where, when, what?

  • When Sonntag, 18. August 2019, 14 Uhr
  • Where Museum Garden

    Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

    See location on map
  • Entry fee

    Free of charge

  • Anmeldung für Journalist*innen Tel.: +49 (0)30 25 993 419

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