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In the pictures of the painter R.B. Kitaj, countless references to various artists as well as quotations from literature, film, newspapers, and world history can be found, mixed with his personal impressions, thoughts, and experiences. The artistic arrangement of these diverse sources of inspiration gives rise to irritating interconnections between things and events. In his highly expressive and often chaotic images, Kitaj shows himself as a seeker, is everywhere and nowhere, a commuter between world events and everyday life, between Europe and America, between Judaism and atheism, between arrival and departure.

Images in flux and positioning oneself are the guiding threads through the tour and lead into contemporary issues of belonging, identity, and life in the "diasporic world."

Please note: This interactive tour was available only for the duration of the exhibition and can no longer be booked!

Exhibition Catalog

R.B. Kitaj (1932-2007)

"Obsessions. R.B. Kitaj" - catalog cover

Edited by Cilly Kugelmann, Eckhart Gillen, and Hubertus Gaßner, the exhibition catalog containing numerous illustrations is published by Kerber Verlag.more