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Summer Fruit Borscht

Borscht is a beet root soup found all over eastern Europe. The "borscht belt" extends from Poland to the Don River in Russia. The preparation of this beloved dish varies from region to region: Polish barszcz, for example, is a clear red broth often served with uszka (ravioli-style dumplings). Russian and Ukrainian borscht, on the other hand, is a stew with a variety of vegetables – added in such quantities that a wooden spoon is expected to stand upright when stuck into the soup!

This summer version of the traditional soup is a classic in Israel: it contains fresh seasonal fruit instead of beets, but its radiant red color will remind you of its eastern European namesake. Summer fruit borscht is served chilled and is far more refreshing in Israel’s sweltering heat than the steaming soups of eastern Europe.