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Fennel with Raisins and White Wine

Wine is a significant element in many religions. Regarded as the drink of Gods, it is often used as an offering. In ancient Greek mythology, lavish feasts were celebrated to honor Dionysus, the god of wine.

While some religions regard intoxication as a means of getting closer to God, others condemn it as dangerous. Islam, for example, categorically prohibits drinking alcohol. Judaism takes the middle course. On the one hand, the Torah addresses the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption in various stories – as when Noah drinks too much wine and is found unconscious and naked by his sons. On the other hand, it commands Jews to drink four glasses of wine on Passover! In Christianity, wine is also an integral part of the Church’s liturgy and stands for the blood of Christ during the Last Supper.

Of course, you may enjoy wine without any kind of religious connotation – in a glass or used as a delicate seasoning in this tasty fennel dish.

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