Psychoanalysis in Germany

Statistical Data

- There are 5,550 psychoanalysts in Germany; around 870 of whom practice in Berlin.

- A psychoanalyst sees an average of three to four patients daily.

- Most patients go for analysis one or two times per week, some up to four times.

- Today the average length of analysis is 249 hours, with each session 50 minutes long.

- Health insurance providers have recognized psychoanalysis as a method of treatment since 1967. The current rate per session covered by insurance providers is 66.12 euros.

- 6 Psychoanalysts must train for at least five years. Their education consists of at least 600 hours of classroom instruction, accompanied by at least three weekly sessions of instruction in analysis during the entire period of training, and at least 1,000 hours of treatment.

This information was provided with the generous permission of Dr. Sabine Stehle and Dr. Wolfram Keller.