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Snip it!

Stances on Ritual Circumcision

Eleven-piece circumcision set in a rosewood case with lock and silver plaque on lid, engraved in Hebrew.

Ritual circumcision set, England 1844
© Jewish Museum London

In 2012, Germany became embroiled in a heated public debate about ritual circumcision. Two years on, the Jewish Museum Berlin will dedicate an exhibition to this topic. "Snip it! Stances on Ritual Circumcision" approaches this complex subject from its various perspectives. The exhibition will offer insight into the traditional concept of a covenant sealed by signs on the body. Alongside circumcision’s religious, cultural, historical, legal, and medical aspects, the exhibition will address anti-Semitic and Islamophobic concerns rooted in the distant past.


24 October 2014 – 1 March 2015


Old Building, first level


with the museum ticket (8 euros, reduced rate 3 euros)

A central chapter of the exhibition studies the motif of Jesus’ circumcision in Christian iconography and the history of his circumcision ceremony in the church calendar. Extraordinary objects from international collections and contemporary accessories will be juxtaposed with film clips, recent interviews, and installations that shed light on this most controversial of topics.

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