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5 April 1933

Message sent to Sergius Reiter requesting him to resume work at Telefunken

On 1 April Sergius Reiter (1879–1958) was suspended by Telefunken, the company where he worked. After several days of uncertainty as to if and when he would be allowed to resume work, he finally received a message from the personnel department asking him to return. The "boycott" was officially over.

Sergius Reiter was able to remain at Telefunken for another two years before being dismissed. His employer apparently went to great lengths to keep him. A letter sent by the company to the chief of police on 6 December 1934 emphasizes his outstanding expertise and his importance as a member of the patents department. He was above all needed because of his Russian-language skills and his role as "department head for questions relating to Telefunken‘s cross-licensing agreements with the Leningrad Central Radio Laboratory."

But Telefunken soon yielded to increasing government pressure and gave Reiter notice on 31 March 1935. After negotiations, he was put on leave from June to September with continued payment of his salary. He finally left the company on 30 September 1935 after a tenure of more than fourteen years. Shortly afterward, he and his wife, Luba, immigrated to Tel Aviv, where their son, Julius, was already living with his family.

In 1956 the couple returned to Berlin, where Sergius Reiter died two years later. His personal papers were donated to the Jewish Museum Berlin by his granddaughter Ada Kamil.

Leonore Maier

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Message sent to Sergius Reiter requesting him to resume work at Telefunken, Berlin, 5 April 1933
Gift of Ada Kamil