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23 March to 15 July 2012 Jewish Migrants from Eastern Europe in the 1920s

Monday Movies

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Monday Movies

At the Jewish Museum Berlin

A selection of movies were shown while the exhibition was on display, which shared Berlin Transit's scope and themes. This page lists movies which are thematically linked to the exhibition...



Feature film by Phil Jutzi
(D 1931, 88 mins)

Men sitting at a table
"Berlin–Alexanderplatz" (filmstill) © Neue Visionen Filmverleih

This first filming of the novel by Alfred Döblin - who was also involved in the scriptwriting - was filmed mainly at the original locations.


"Berlin Ecke Volksbühne" (Berlin - a Square, a Murder & a Famous Communist)

Documentary film by Britta Wauer
(D 2005, 60 mins)

Volksbühne (drawing)
Volksbühne © Britzka Film/Oliver Grajewski

In her documentary, Britta Wauer combines historical film footage, comics, and memories to a portrait of today’s Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin’s Mitte district. A discussion with the director will conclude the event.


Hungry Hearts

Silent movie by E. Mason Hopper
(USA 1922, 84 mins, English subheadings)

Woman and man in a conversation
"Hungry Hearts" (filmstill) © The National Center for Jewish Film

The film tells the story of the Lewin family that fled the pogroms in Eastern Europe for the longed-for land, America. The harsh reality of life for immigrants on New York’s Lower East Side was different to the dream.

Markus Krah, historian at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, will introduce the film.

Jewish Luck (original title: Jidische Glikn)

Silent movie by Alexej Granowsky
(USSR 1925, based on a story by Scholem Aljechem, 100 mins., English subheadings)

Film still of several people standing around a market stall looking at a fish
Jewish Luck (filmstill) © The National Center for Jewish Film

The film shows episodes from the life of Menachem Mendel's life in the shtetl, filmed at the original locations. The director Alexej Granowsky, founder of the state Jewish theater GOSET in Moscow, remained in Berlin during the 1920s following a guest performance here.


"Kaddisch für einen Freund"
(Kaddish for a Friend)

(G 2011, 94 minutes, original version with Russian subtitles)

Boy at a window
"Kaddisch für einen Freund" (filmstill) © SiMa 2011

The 14-year-old Ali, growing up in a Palestinian refugee camp, had learned to hate Jews. Now he lives in Kreuzberg and his neighbor is an old Russian Jew. After a robbery in his neighbor's apartment, Ali is threatened with deportation back to Palestine – unless the boy can convince his old "enemy" to withdraw criminal allegations.


Red Zion

Documentary film by Evgeny Tsymbal
(RU 2006, 52 mins, original version with English subtitles)

This film about the autonomous Jewish areas in the Soviet Union on the Krim and in Birobidzhan shows historical film material from the 1920s and 30s.