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23 March to 15 July 2012 Jewish Migrants from Eastern Europe in the 1920s

Vorwärts House

Black-and-white photo of a stately façade
The SPD’s Linden House, the headquarters of Vorwärts from 1914 on © Dieter Kramer Collection

Statement by the researcher Gertrud Pickhan

Lindenstrasse 3 – for me the SPD’s Vorwärts House embodies the  spirit of the »Internationale«: in addition to the SPD Archive and the Marx Engels Collection, it contains the Archive of the Mensheviks and the General Jewish Labor Union (»Bund«). It was the most important site in Berlin for German, Russian and Jewish socialists.

Prof. Dr. Gertrud Pickhan is a member of the project »Charlottengrad and Scheunenviertel« at the FU Berlin

View of a room with rotary printing presses; one worker is standing on a ladder and others can be seen in the background
Rotary printing presses in the »largest printing plant for workers in the world«
© Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg District Museum

Round emblem featuring a logotype and a female figure
Emblem of the Bund’s Berlin group
© YIVO Archives

Group of men with briefcases  at a desk
Rafail Abramovich (1st row, 5th from left) with a group of Mensheviks in Berlin © YIVO Archives