"Charlotte Salomon - Life? or Theatre?"

Catalog cover
Catalog cover
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"Charlotte Salomon - Leben? oder Theater?" ("Charlotte Salomon - Life? or Theatre?")
Edited by Edward van Voolen

Contributions by Judith C. Belinfante, Joel Cahen, Christine Fischer-Defoy, Martin Mansoor, Ad Petersen, Angeli Sachs, Gerhard Schoenberner, Sabine Schulze, Lonnie Stegink and Edward van Voolen

Prestel Publishing House, 432 pp., 860 illustrations, of them 835 in color, paperback,
price: 24.95 euros (out of print)

CD-ROM "Charlotte Salomon. The complete collection"

in English and Dutch

This cd-rom offers you:

  • - all sheets belonging to Life? or Theatre?, including transparencies, verso-sides and the many disapproved versions
  • - music extracts relating to the gouaches
  • - spoken texts by Tilda Swinton
  • - texts written by Charlotte Salomon in German and English
  • - many links and explanations
  • - extensive documentation with photographs, a bibliography, a video fragment and an introduction to the work

Published by the Jodds Historisch Museum Amsterdam
Price: 19,95 euros

Mit einer Installation von Chantal Akerman. Vom 17. August bis 25. November 2007