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Further information on Darfur and related topics

Further information on Darfur is offered by our cooperation partner Human Rights Watch at this link:

Please visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office for more information on the further development in Darfur, on the background of the conflict, and on the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Darfur:
German Federal Foreign Office

The website of the organization DARFUR/DARFUR offers information on the traveling exhibition of photographs from Darfur, on the photographers and on the situation in Darfur:

The Save Darfur Coalition is a coalition of over 170 relief and human rights organizations whose goal is to increase public awareness of the Darfur conflict. Link to the website of the Save Darfur Coalition:

Here you can find information on the projection of photos from Darfur onto the façade of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museums in Washington (D.C.) in late 2006:

Website of the academic journal "Holocaust and Genocide Studies", edited by Yehuda Bauer:

These annotated links are continuously updated.

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