PSYCHOanalysis. Sigmund Freud at 150

An Exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin in collaboration with
Hürlimann + Lepp Exhibitions

Exhibition poster (detail)

On 6 May 2006, Sigmund Freud would have turned 150. With the development of psychoanalysis, he fundamentally changed the way we think about ourselves. The self, as Freud put it, is not the master of its own house. Instead, it is greatly influenced and determined by drives and the unconscious. This belief served as the foundation for his method of treating mental illnesses, which centers on remembering, repeating, and working through the early childhood experiences that led to the formation of the self.

From its very beginnings, psychoanalysis met with prejudices and reservations, both among the scientific community and the public at large. This exhibition sheds light on Freud's life, work, and legacy while discussing the contemporary significance of psychoanalysis.

When: 7 April through 22 September 2006
Where: Jewish Museum Berlin, "Libeskind Gallery" in the ground floor of the permanent exhibition
Admission: 4 euros, discounted 2 euros; combiticket for "PSYCHOanalysis" and the permanent exhibition for 7 euros, discounted 3.50 Euro

Projection of Freud's chair in the void -  Jewish Museum Berlin