“But, what is a black? And, first of all, what color is his color?”
Jean Genet, preface to “The Blacks”

Stereotypes shape the picture that we have of ourselves and of “others.” They are simplifications which help us to understand a complex world and to overcome our fear of the unknown. At the same time, they provide material for racist ideologies. With the help of some surprising objects, the exhibition and the exhibition book look at the question of how such ascriptions and characterizations arise. Images and objects whose clear and brutal messages leave no doubt can be found next to confusing and often little-known cliché blends such as a Barbie doll with a Jewish tefilin. An extensive collection of antisemitica will also be on show which was bequeathed to the Jewish Museum Vienna by a private collector.

Cover des Ausstellungskatalogs - © Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Cover of the Exhibition Catalog
  • Approx. 128 pages
  • 160 color illustrations
  • surprising insights into a politically and cultural-historically explosive theme
  • published in connection with the exhibition »typical! Clichés of Jews and Others« (Berlin, Vienna, Chicago 2008/2009)
  • Hardcover with book jacket

Published by: Jewish Museum Berlin and Jewish Museum Vienna
Price: approx. 24.90 euros