The exhibition is past, however ...

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The temporary exhibition "Chrismukkah. Stories of Christmas and Hanukkah" was on show at the Jewish Museum Berlin from October 2005 to January 2006. The exhibition has long been dismantled but the interest in the theme remains considerable, which is why we have decided to continue to make the key content of the exhibition available online.

Here you can learn about the historical roots of both festivals and how they have developed over the centuries. And questions are answered: Why are candles lit at Hanukkah? What does a Roman sun god have to do with Christmas? Why are potato pancakes eaten at Hanukkah? And what is behind the coined word "Chrismukkah"?

Or you can play one of the games.

Have fun!

alternative Navigation To the first room of the exhibition: getting in the mood for the celebrations To the second room of the exhibition: the historical roots of Hanukkah To the third room of the exhibition: of the birth of a god and baby cribs: the beginnings of  Christmas To the fourth room of the exhibition: how the main holiday rituals originated and what they mean Light the Hanukkah candles in the right order To the fifth room of the exhibition: Hanukkah and the struggle against oppression To the sixth room of the exhibition: Christmas celebrations throughout the ages To the seventh room of the exhibition: Chrismukkah - or: how holidays unite