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Kurt Bialostotzky (1896-1985) painting in Santa CruzTwo children in front of their future guest parents' door in New York City, 7/30/1943Andreas Meyer in the locksmith's shop Schlosserei J. und A. Meyer, which he opened in Naharija with his brother Justus. Israel, around 1938
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Steven Dorner, London (Happy Families)
Felix Franks, London (Friendly Enemy Alien)
Pia Gidal, Jerusalem (Jeckes)
Irene Lebram, Bussum (Wardrobe trunk)
Leo-Baeck-Institut, New York (SS Navemar)
Mus�e des Ann�es 30, Boulogne-Billancourt (Café du Dôme)
Sonja M�hlberger, Berlin (Gelbe Post)
�sterreichische Gesellschaft f�r Zeitgeschichte, Vienna (Children's transports)
Preiser Records, Vienna (Little Erica)