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Heimat und Exil
Emigration der deutschen Juden nach 1933

Book cover and page views from the catalog
Cover and several country pages from the exhibition catalog

Published by the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Foundation Haus der Geschichte, Bonn
With many illustrations and color plates
around 300 pages; bound
Format: 21 cm x 28 cm,
price: 24.90 euros
September 2006 Jüdischer Verlag im Suhrkamp Verlag

The publication is available only in German.
Janine Lehmann
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Short overview

German Jews' flight, expulsion and starting over after 1933 are the subject of a major exhibition by the Jewish Museum Berlin in collaboration with the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. For the first time, the forced exodus of the German Jews to a total of over one hundred countries worldwide has been visualized in a comprehensive show. Like the exhibition, the richly illustrated volume accompanying it is oriented toward biographies. Where were the emigrés able to find refuge under what conditions? What did their life look like in the countries of refuge?

A wide variety of escape routes and life paths is documented. They led from Germany to destinations as far as Shanghai and the Dominican Republic, and in isolated cases - after 1945 - even back to Germany. Various facets of the emigration experience as well as the emotional and geographic location of "Home" are examined. A special section introduces each of the over one hundred countries of transit and refuge from the emigrés' perspective. This historical atlas opens up unique access to the German-Jewish diaspora that fled to locations all over the world seventy years ago.

Volume accompanying the exhibition by the Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin and the Foundation Haus der Geschichte, Bonn.


Table of Contents and Foreword of the catalog as a pdf (37 KB)

Pages 142-155 from the catalog (Exile in Latin America) as a pdf (4,6 MB)

Stations of the Exhibition

Jewish Museum Berlin
28 September 2006 through 9 April 2007

Haus der Geschichte, Bonn
17 May 2007 through 7 October 2007

Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig
December 2007 through February 2008