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Bill Freund (Still from the film "Paulas Nürnberger Lebkuchen - Made in the USA")

In 1937 the Freund family emigrated to the U.S. - with the secret recipe for Original Nuremberger Gingerbread packed in their luggage.

Text from the film "Paulas Nürnberger Lebkuchen - Made in the USA" (Paula's Nuremberg Gingerbread: Made in the USA) by Jim G. Tobias and Medienwerkstatt Franken e. V., Nuremberg 1999 (translation).

Bill Freund: "Before we emigrated, my parents... thought about what we could take with us. We were not allowed to take any money with us, and were allowed to take furniture and clothing, but nothing else. So my father of mother had a brilliant idea: to learn how to make Nuremberg Elisen gingerbread. I know you can finds many, many gingerbread recipes in books, baking books for bakeries, but not the Haeberlein-Metzger recipe for the true, original Nuremberg Elisen gingerbread." » continue reading