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Images of Germany
Workshop for grades 8 and up

Bookings can be made from September 16, 2011

Working in small groups, students take a closer look at various works of art from the exhibition "How German is it? 30 Artists’ Notion of Home." They examine individual artistic approaches to the question of how migrants combine their own culture with a new reality. On the basis of this work, the participants discuss the chances and possibilities of coexistence in a heterogeneous society and debate how immigration changes both the migrants and the locals.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: 3 euros (includig admission) per person
Number of participants: 15 participants
Registration: Necessary
Tel. +49 30 259 93 305 or fuehrungen[at]

Performative Approaches to Art
A one-day workshop held in cooperation with the Institute for Drama in Education at the Berlin University of the Arts

"How German is it?" shows contemporary artistic approaches to the question of what it means to live in Germany today. In doing so, it provides a subjective view of the topic. When the works were selected, artists were favored who live or have lived in Germany and whose art addresses key aspects of their perceptions of Germany.

In this one-day workshop, students in their third semester of the master’s program on drama in education – directed by Professor Ulrike Hentschel – develop theatrical concepts to introduce school students to art from the exhibition. Two students each will work with small groups of around ten people, selecting a work from the exhibition that they want to present to the participants.

At the end of the workshop, the results from the various groups will be presented to the other workshop participants and selected staff of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

When: November and December 2011 Duration: 7 hours
Grades: Grades 8
Price: 3 euros (includig admission) per person
Number of participant: 30 participants
Registration: Necessary
Nina Wilkens
Tel.: +49 (0)30 259 93 424
E-Mail: n.wilkens[at]

"How German is it?" in the context of classroom instruction
Information event for teachers and educational professionals

The topics associated with "How German is it?" – migration, national myths, religion, language, memory and identity – play an important role in almost all school subjects. The exhibition presents the artists’ views of Germany and their artistic engagements with the concept of home/homeland. This continuing education course introduces you to the exhibition, the supporting educational program and the ways of working with students in the archival space, whose documentary material places the artworks in a historical context.

Price: 3 euros (includig admission) per person
Registration: n.wilkens[at] or +49 30 259 93 424
Please note: registration is requested by 19 September 2011