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Colored illustration (bird of prey on the left side, man with an ax felling a tree on the right side)Colored illustration (bird of prey with hare)
"Nature eliminating the ill and weak", wall chart on "genetics, science of lineage and race as an illustrative depiction" by Alfred Vogel, 1938
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Please note: This program was available only for the duration of the exhibition and can no longer be booked!

From Eugenics to Euthanasia

Prominent scientists in the modern scientific discipline of eugenics provided the "scientific" framework for the racial ideology of the National Socialists. This guided tour examines the international eugenics debate in the years of the Weimar Republic and its radicalization under the Nazi regime. The debate formed the basis of a population and health policy that initially led to the selection and annihilation of genetically and racially undesirable persons and ultimately culminated in the genocide of European Jews.

Killing for the Benefit of Society?
A Special Tour for Nursing Staff and Other Interested Parties

Medical ethics have undergone a fundamental transformation. The field initially focused on medical and ethical considerations, but under the National Socialists concepts such as national health and the hereditary nature of disease drew growing attention. This tour looks at the biographies of the doctors and nursing staff that took part in the Nazi euthanasia programs, questioning definitions of "the value of life" then and today.

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Deadly Medicine
Creating the
Master Race

13 March to 19 July 2009
Jewish Museum Berlin