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Memorial sites and projects

The Pirna-Sonnenstein memorial site

The web pages of the memorial site include a section on the history of the killing center in Pirna-Sonnenstein and describe the committed efforts by citizens of Pirna to establish the memorial. Between 1940 and 1941, around 15,000 people were murdered in the facility. A permanent exhibition was opened in June 2000 to document the stories of twenty-two victims.
Pirna-Sonnenstein memorial website

Denkzeichen Project

The Denkzeichen installation "Past Is Present" consists of sixteen signposts on a path leading from the Pirna train station to the former Pirna-Sonnenstein killing center. The project takes up the theme of euthanasia and examines the historical site and its link to the current urban landscape and town residents. The website describes both the path and the location of the plaques and provides background information on the art installation.
Project website

Hadamar memorial site

The web pages of the Hadamar memorial site provide extensive background information on the Nazis' "euthanasia" program and the history of the killing center. The memorial sees itself as both a commemorative site for patients murdered in the Nazi era and as a historical and political education center.
Hadamar memorial website

Hartheim Castle memorial site

The Hartheim Castle memorial site was established in Austria in 1969. Its web pages provide information on the history of the castle, the memorial site, a permanent exhibition entitled "The Value of Life" and an educational program. The memorial organizes a large number of seminars and conferences and announces them on the website.
Hartheim Castle memorial website

Bernburg memorial site

The web pages of the Bernburg memorial site are the product of a school project conducted in 2003 at Camille Claudel Gymnasium. They provide information on the history of the killing center, "euthanasia" operations and resistance to the murders. The website is not updated regularly.
Bernburg memorial website

Grafeneck memorial site

This comprehensive and interestingly designed website describes the historical location and the conceptual design of the memorial. It includes case histories and in-depth information about both victims and perpetrators. Attention is also given to individuals who opposed the killings.
Grafeneck memorial website

Exhibition "Totgeschwiegen"

This website includes information on the exhibition "Totgeschwiegen" ("Hushed Up") at Humboldt-Klinikum, the former sanatorium in Wittenau. It also examines the history of the institution in the Nazi period.
Exhibition website

Memorial site forum

The "memorial site forum" is an online platform that has been created by the Topography of Terror Foundation to improve communication, cooperation and the exchange of information between memorial sites.
Memorial site forum

Conference Partner Websites

Institute of Medical history at Charité Hospital

The website of the Institute of Medical History at Charité Hospital provides information on the institute's educational program, staff and history. The institute is internationally acclaimed for its research into the history of eugenics, social medicine and medical practices under the National Socialists. The site also includes an extensive publication list.

Topography of Terror Foundation

The website of the Topography of Terror Foundation presents the work and exhibitions of the foundation and includes a section on a new documentation center that is currently under construction. There is also a program of events (lectures, conferences, exhibitions, etc.).

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