Boaz Arad and Miki Kratsman


In this film, Miki Kratsman and Boaz Arad focus a stationary camera on a stream of Palestinian laborers making their daily return home via the Erez checkpoint, on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, prior to Israel's withdrawal from Gaza. As some workers carry food and others toys for their children, none remains in our vision long enough to be examined closely. The absence of commentary and the continuous stream of faces suggest the men's anonymity, forcing viewers to confront the experience of Palestinian day-laborers in Israel and their frequent encounters with checkpoints.

Boaz Arad (born 1956) lives in Tel Aviv and Miki Kratsman (born in Argentina 1959) lives in Tel Aviv
Untitled, 2003 (DVD, 40 minutes)
Courtesy Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv