Film Still Nina’s TragediesFilm Still Nina’s TragediesFilm Still Time of FavorFilm Still Time of FavorFilm Still CheckpointFilm Still News From HomeFilm Still News From HomeFilm Still Rana’s WeddingFilm Still Rana’s Wedding
from top to bottom:
Bilder aus den Spielfilmen "Nina's Tragedies", Israel 2003
(Regisseur: Savi Gabizon, © Annat Assoulin)
"Time of Favor", Israel 2000
(Regisseur: Joseph Cedar, © Blue Dolphin Films)
den Dokumentarfilmen "Checkpoint", Israel 2003
(© Polar-Film)
und "News from Home/ News from House", Israel/Belgien/Frankreich 2006
(Regie: Amos Gitai, © mecfilm
sowie dem Spielfilm "Rana’s Wedding", Palästina/Niederlande 2002
(Regie: Hany Abu-Assad, © mecfilm

The following films were shown over the course of the exhibition in the Jewish Museum Berlin:

Nina's Tragedies

Feature film in Hebrew with English subtitles
Israel 2003; Directed by Savi Gabizon; Duration: 106 Min.

The 14-year-old Nadav tells the story of his family: his devoutly religious father and his eccentric mother are divorced. When his Aunt Nina whom he adores loses her husband in a tragic accident, Nadav is happy to move in with her to provide comfort in difficult times. However, Nadav's idyll is ruined by a new man in Nina's life and he gathers all his strength to fight for his great love for his aunt.

Time of Favor

Feature film in Hebrew with English subtitlesy
Israel 2000; Directed by: Joseph Cedar; Duration: 102 mins

In this elaborate story, two young Yeshiva students and a rabbi and his daughter grapple with the conflicts and tensions of a West Bank settlement. The focus is on the doubts of a religious Jew, but the other people involved in the story also try to align their own personal desires and opinions with the political situation.


Documentary in Hebrew and Arabic with German subtitles
Israel 2002; Directed by: Yoav Shamir; Duration: 80 mins

The Israeli presence in the occupied territories was increased with the second Intifada in 2000. However, the so-called "checkpoints" impede the inhabitants in their daily business. The film shows dialogs and incidents occurring between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians at the checkpoints.

Paradise Now

Feature film in German
The Netherlands, Israel, Germany, France, 2004; Directed by: Hany Abu-Assad; Duration: 90 mins

The friends Khaled and Said are sent to Israel as suicide bombers for a Palestinian terrorist organization. They spend the last night of their lives with their families who must not learn of their plans. The next morning they are prepared for their mission and are taken to the border. When the operation fails and the pair of them are suddenly left to sink or swim, they begin to think about the significance of their attack.

News from Home/ News from House

Documentary film in Arabic / Hebrew / English and French with German subtitles
Israel / Belgium / France, 2006; Directed by Amos Gitai; Running time: 97 mins

In this final part of a trilogy, Amos Gitai returns to the place in West Jordan whose story he has been following since 1980: A house and its inhabitants as a metaphor for the turbulent history of a region, as a portrait of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film explores the relationships between the house's inhabitants, past and present, between Israelis and Palestinians. The atmospheric images drive home the complexity of and the tension created by the situation in Israel.

Rana’s Wedding

Feature film in Arabic with German subtitles
Palestine / the Netherlands, 2002; Directed by: Hany Abu-Assad; Running time: 90 mins

Jerusalem in June 1967. While the Palestinian woman Rana dreams of a future with her beloved Khalil, her father has quite different plans and confronts her with a choice: Either she marries one of the men he sees fit or she goes to Egypt. When the Israeli army seizes East Jerusalem, Rana has just ten hours in the chaos of the occupied city to find her beloved, prepare their wedding, and confront her father with a fait accompli.

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