Gillian Laub: Yussie in the Old City

Gillian Laub

Yussie in the Old City

"My whole family is back in America. I was just there and everyone, my friends and family, were trying to convince me to stay. They were afraid for me to go back to Israel because of the situation. I understand why they worry, but I tried to explain to them that my heart and soul are in Israel. I cannot live in America with this part missing. This is why I am back in Israel, trying to get into a school. As I see it, a person has two ways of living ... either through their brain and thoughts, or their heart and soul. I am happy with my decision. I have to and will always follow my heart."

Gillian Laub (born 1975) lives in New York City
"Yussie in the Old City", Jerusalem, Israel, 2002 (Chromogenic print)
Courtesy of the artist/Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York