Rina Castelnuovo: MigronOutpost, West Bank, Hanukkah, 2004

Rina Castelnuovo

Migron Outpost, West Bank, Hanukkah 2004

As a photographer for "The New York Times", Rina Castelnuovo has witnessed two decades of discord in Israel and has endeavored to document the human cost of political strife in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In confronting the tensions in the region, she has developed a style that probes the personal reality behind the political fašade. Castelnuovo's intention is to be as unobtrusive as possible. Her compassion is evident in the private moments she photographs, in which she captures the soul of her subjects in places ranging from army bases to Israeli settlements.

Rina Castelnuovo (born 1956) lives in Jerusalem
"Migron Outpost, West Bank, Hanukkah 2004", from the Settlers series, 2005 (Chromogenic prints)
Courtesy Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York