Amit Goren: Map

Amit Goren


Amit Goren has worked as a writer, producer, and director of videos and documentary films. In "Map", Goren mingles incidents from his family's past with the history of the State of Israel, filming in locations as diverse as Tel Aviv, New York, Cairo, Paris, Los Angeles, the Mongolian plateau, the Golan Heights, and the Jordanian-Israeli border. The six simultaneously projected video narratives - all of identical length - transform these places into unspecified, transitory locations. By engaging the view on multiple levels, the diverse themes of "Map" - Goren's individual story, the lives of Palestinian refugees, moments in Israeli history, and the experiences of Mongolian nomads - dramatically underscore the artist's complex and deeply personal statement about displacement and geographical conflict.

Amit Goren (born 1957) lives in Tel Aviv
"Map", 2003 (Six synchronized loop projections, DVD, 8 min., 28 sec.)
Courtesy of the artist