Motti Mizrachi: Blinking

Motti Mizrachi


The work of Motti Mizrachi cannot be easily classified, for he is a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, a video artist, and a performance artist. In "Blinking", Mizrachi digitally processed fifteen hundred photographs from the newspaper Ha’aretz, covering the year from the beginning of the second Intifada in September 2000 to the attack on the World Trade Center twelve months later. The images were then printed on canvas, creating a semiabstract work that suggests a scene one might see from a window at high speed. By compressing the harsh contents of a year's worth of news photographs, the images become blurred, leaving us in a state of "blinking". The viewer can discern actual images only with intense scrutiny, and thereby confronts the numbing effect of constant media attention to current events.

Motti Mizrachi (born 1946) lives in Tel Aviv
"Blinking", 2000 (Digital print on canvas)
Collection Lauren and Mitchell S. Presser, New York