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What was the thing of the year 2012 for you?

Employees of the Jewish Museum Berlin answer the question.

“Leo Scheuer’s prayer capsule. He prayed with it his entire life, even during the 15 months that he spent buried in a hole in the ground hiding from the German occupiers.”
Monika Flores Martínez, Exhibitions
(editor’s note: In her blog post from 22. November 2012 Monika Flores Martínez described what she felt while she worked on the presentation of this object in a display case.)
Drawing of a sign with "Forbidden Entrance" written on it
“My thing of the year is a sign with “Forbidden Entrance” written on it, seen in a Viennese stairwell.”
Kai Gruzdz, Library

“My thing of the year is Macrolon – a fabulous material that’s not only light and easy to work with but that also inspires unlimited creativity!”
Katrin Strube, Collection Management

drawing of a sculpture of a Jew drinking from a sow“My thing of the year is a medieval ‘Jewish pig’ statue on a church in Bad Wimpfen. It drew attention in the press after the diocese it belongs to produced a replica and placed the original statue in the state museum there, as a cultural heritage piece. It’s an anti-Jewish caricature, and yet, because it’s historical, deserves protection, raising the question: how much public money should be spent on its restoration?
Naomi Lubrich, Media

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