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What was the word of the year 2012 for you?

Employees of the Jewish Museum Berlin answer the question.

“My word of the year is ‘diversity’. I haven’t heard or read anything so often this year. Most often at panel discussions, and sometimes seen on the street.”
Julia Jürgens, Events
(editor’s note: See the video documentation on the series of events ‘Visions of Belonging’)
drawing of a frog
“My word: Besucherfroschung (visitor frogging) – a nice typo that … lept out at me several times while I was editing an academic article on the subject of Besucherforschung (visitor research).”
Christiane Birkert, Visitor Research

“The word Augenscheinseinnahme (visual inspection). I came upon this term while I was researching the Auschwitz trial: it referred to the local inspections at Auschwitz with which the court examined the content of witness statements for their veracity.”
Monika Flores Martínez, Exhibitions

“A corrective – that is, a critical observer – is something everyone needs.”
Katrin Möller, Marketing

“My word of the year is ‘bio-clip-boom,’ which came up in a lecture by Geoffrey Hartman at the Preserving Survivors’ Memories Conference, and it captured for me the intensity of audio-visual self-creation in the era of facebook, youtube, blogs, etc.”
Katharina Obens, Visitor Research
(editor’s note: A brief report on the conference can be found here.)

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