Gillian Laub: Mahmoud, Jaffa, Israel, 2002

Gillian Laub

Mahmoud, Jaffa, Israel, 2002

"I am eighteen years old and studying accounting at Dov Hos school. During the school holidays I work in construction. In the past two years, many things have changed for my family. With the situation today in Israel, I don't go out socially to parties at all like I used to. I am not in contact with my Jewish/Israeli friends like I once was. I wish the state of Israel would get over it and give up this small piece of land so we can finally live in peace. I am proud to be an Israeli citizen, even being and Arab, but the country needs to grow up and make some sacrifices. Nobody wants to live this way anymore."

Gillian Laub (born 1975) lives in New York City
"Mahmoud", Jaffa, Israel 2002 (Chromogenic print)
Courtesy of the artist/Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York