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What was the sound of the year 2012 for you?

Employees of the Jewish Museum Berlin answer the question.

drawing of Et’hem-Bey Mosque in Tirana“My sound of the year was the muezzin’s call to prayer from the Et’hem-Bey Mosque in Tirana, that wafted through the night like one of Blixa Bargeld’s sound installations.”
Julia Jürgens, Events

“The music that accompanies my daily trip to work hums along discreetly in my headphones. But at the sound of one track, my hand automatically moves to the volume control. Muzarco’s ‘instinct mostly’ on Lost and Found Records is something to listen to, something to make a person curious. The artist and the label are part of a fresh, lively scene in Tel Aviv, comments the moderator at the end of the track. And in fact, I find further interesting pieces on this label, which is based in Tel Aviv and was just founded in 2012. Hypnotic, spatially structured house, techno, and ambient sounds distinguish the selected releases and stir an appetite for more. Good music doesn’t always have to come from the region that typically dominates – it can come from somewhere unexpected.”
Andreas Harm, Finance

soup bowl with chopsticks“The lip-smacking and slurping relish during meal scenes in the films of Hong Sang-soo.”
Johannes Rinke, Visitor Services

“For me the sound of the year was the flashing of photographers’ cameras on the red carpet at the conferral of the Prize for Understanding and Tolerance. Most of all at the entrance of German President Joachim Gauck and the prizewinner Richard von Weizsäcker, the tumult around the red carpet could hardly be contained as every photographer tried to lay claim to the best spot for shooting.”
cell phone with a drawing of a birdSylvia Winkler, Press
(editor’s note: Photographs of this evening can be downloaded here.)

“My sound of the year is the chirping of birds – my colleague Karin’s ringtone – that always brings spring back into my office.”
Diana Dressel, Education

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