Woodcut with three ecstatically dancing nuns
Woodcut © Courtesy the artist und Hollybush Gadens, London, Foto: Andy Keate

Andrea Büttner

Dancing Nuns2007

"Dancing Nuns" is the attention-grabber among the works of Andrea Büttner, who has contributed three large woodcuts and a silk screen to the exhibition. Together with the prints "Aprons," "Grille" and "Grid," the three nuns form an ensemble that explores the themes of biography and religion.

"Andrea Büttner's interest in religion is focused on the monastic principle of poverty and labor and the question of how monastic culture and ethics can be transferred to art and artistic practice. Her fondness for woodcuts is consistent with these ideas, since woodcutting is an artistic technique in which the 'poor' material of wood is worked by hand." (From the catalogue for the exhibition "How German is it? 30 Artists' Notion of Home")

Andrea Büttner was born in Stuttgart in 1972 and lives in Frankfurt am Main and London. Her website can be viewed at www.andreabuettner.com