Details from the installation
Detail views from the installation "Living Room" © Maya Zack

Maya Zack

Living Room2009

Hole in the wall

"Living Room" shows the apartment of a Jewish family in Berlin in the 1930s from all four directions. The installation can be viewed with 3D glasses.

Drawing on the personal memories of Manfred Nomburg, who was forced to leave his childhood home in 1938 because he was Jewish, the artist produced computer-generated visualizations of the rooms in the apartment. These included detailed reconstructions of the furnishings. Memory gaps and faded recollections resulted in blurred areas and absent details.

"Living Room visualizes the 'rupture' inherent in memory as a fictitious-virtual dimension of a reality that only reaches us after undergoing a complex set of filters and disruptions. … A concrete image of 'rupture' in a wall and a 'repair' of plumbing exposed within it, was not mentioned in the interview; it is an image I added and that represents the essence of my action: breaking an opening into one's mind in order to get to the 'memory plumbing,' stir it to action and 'repair' occlusions in the flow of information." (Maya Zack in the catalogue for the exhibition "How German is it? 30 Artists' Notion of Home")

Maya Zack was born in Israel in 1976 and lives and works in Tel Aviv.