Photo of two people in a car
Photos from the series "What we are" © Maziar Moradi

Maziar Moradi

I become German 2008-2011

Photo of a doctor in an operating room

It is possible to imagine a number of stories that led to this image of a couple sitting in a car - they seem pensive and may have just had an argument. And what has the doctor experienced who is pictured here in an empty operating room with his passport in hand?

In his series "What we are," Maziar Moradi captures life stories. Each of the photos shows a key scene, and the meticulous way in which the images are composed and staged suggests a series of film stills. All of the scenes focus on people who have immigrated to Germany or who have been born in Germany but have roots in another culture.

Maziar Moradi was born in Teheran in 1975 and now lives and works in Berlin. The artist's website can be viewed at