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Credits & Legal


Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin
represented by director Hetty Berg

Head of Digital & Publishing

Barbara Thiele

Online Editorial Board

Immanuel Ayx, Dr. Mirjam Bitter, Dagmar Ganßloser, Dr. Doreen Tesche


Adam Blauhut, Alison Brown, Amanda DeMarco, Penelope Motley, Myriam Ochoa-Suel, Jonathan Reppich, Jake Schneider, Elena Sciarra, Steven Sidore, Darrell Wilkins


GzEvD – Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Dingen mbH

The Jewish Museum Berlin is subsidized by the Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and the Media.
Finanzamt für Körperschaften III, Berlin
ID-Nr. DE 200 42 91 62

Legal Notice

Should rights (also) reside with different right holders, these are asked to contact the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Rebrush 2020

Concept and Project Team

Dagmar Ganßloser, Mischa Geiger, Sascha Perkins, Judith Westphal, Nicolai Schwarz

Graphic Design

Stan Hema GmbH

Drupal Development

Mischa Geiger

Consulting and Drupal Development

Nicolai Schwarz

Accessibility Consultant

Jan Eric Hellbusch

Technical Concept and Implementation (2016)

Reinblau eG

Online Shop 2020

Concept and Project Team

Susann Holz, Tom Straube, Stefan Krauss

With Support From

Alison Hicks, Mischa Geiger, Sascha Perkins, Katrin Möller, Judith Westphal, Ariane Kwasigroch, Dagmar Ganßloser, Mirjam Bitter

Technical Concept and Implementation

Giant Monkey GmbH, Plus B GmbH

Graphic Design and Front End

Graphscape GmbH

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