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Not everyone who is interested in our topics can visit us. That's why we regularly develop content that works on its own, without a visit to the museum.

From Mysticism to Minecraft

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The Background and Ramifications of 9 November 1938

The employees of our Archive have combed through our archival holdings and assembled materials on various topics related to the violent riots against Jews that took place on 9 and 10 November 1938.

“We were being driven like hunted animals!”

Mendel Max Karp’s lengthy account about his deportation from the German capital on October 28, 1938, during the Polenaktion

“... or was it the end of the world?”

In a letter, David Fiks records an extensive account of his experiences in Berlin on 9 November 1938 and the days that followed.

The Exclusion of Jewish Children from Public Schools 1938

What an apparently innocuous postcard reveals

“Travel Toward a Happy Future!”

In reaction to the November Pogroms, the Kindertransport program of 1938–39 rescued ten thousand children from the Nazis’ violent regime.

“Decisive Defense and Hard Reparations”

The financial punishment of the Jewish populace after Kristallnacht