Public tours are held on a regular basis. You can find the dates and times on this page. Individual visitors may reserve a place in advance, but this is not required. Feel free to join us whenever you like!

Alternatively, you can book an appointment for one of our thematic tours through our permanent or temporary exhibition.

Tours for Adults (11 December to May 2019)

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Information and Reservation
Education Department
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We offer guided tours in different languages. Please book in advance.
We offer a multisensory architecture tour for people with visual impairments, which takes place four times a year and can also be reserved for groups.
You can borrow an audio guide with information about the architecture and the permanent exhibition for 3 euros. The audio tours are offered in eight different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, and Japanese.
Tours (6) Tours for Adults during the Remodeling Phase Show all

Tours for Adults during the Remodeling Phase

During the remodeling phase (11 December 2017 to spring 2019) you can book a variety of exhibition tours.

Sacred Jerusalem

Guided Tour for Adults on Jerusalem's Religious Significance

Historic Jerusalem

Guided Tour for Adults on the History of Jerusalem

Jerusalem of Stone

Guided Tour for Adults on the Cultural History of Jerusalem's Walls

Jerusalem in Conflict

Tour for Adults on the Political Conflicts in and around the City of Jerusalem

German Jews during the National Socialist Era

Tour for Adults in the Axes of the Libeskind Building

Through Architectural Eyes

Tour for Adults Exploring the Architecture of the Libeskind Building

Tours for Adults (11) Programs for Groups Show all

Programs for Groups

You can book a tour on a specific topic or an aspect of our exhibitions as a group, a family, a couple, or an individual. Just select from our programs!

Jewish Life and Traditions

Tour for adults about the basic elements of Judaism

Judaism, Christianity and Islam

A guided tour for adults comparing the cultural history of the three religions

The Jewish World in the Middle Ages

Tour for adults about the Middle Ages

Women in Judaism

A museum tour for adults tracing the role of women in Judaism from the creation myth to the present

Jews in the Early Modern Period

Tour for adults about the Early Modern Period

Moses Mendelssohn and the Promise of the Enlightenment

A guided tour for groups of adults about the Age of Enlightenment

Between Assimilation and Self-Determination

A guided tour for groups of adults about nineteenth century German Jews’ conceptions of their identity

Dawn of the Modern Age

Tour for adults about the German Empire and the Weimar Republic

The Jewish Response to National Socialism

Tour for adults about Nazism

Architectural Observations

Tour for adults of the museum’s architecture in the context of Jewish history in Germany

Feeling and hearing History

A multisensory architectural tour for visitors with visual impairments