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Photo of a woman wearing two wigs, one of which is covering her face

Current Exhibition

The exhibition Cherchez la femme shows a wide range of ideas and opinions regarding head and body coverings. Presenting diverse women’s voices, traditional ideas are juxtaposed with current fashion, religion with secular societies.
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In vein with the exhibition, fashion students from the College for Clothing and Fashion in Berlin-Kreuzberg have been exploring the theme of religious clothing – their fashion interpretations are on display in the Diaspora Garden.
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Accompanying our exhibition Cherchez la femme, the 16th edition of our JMB Journal provides you with several articles on female head coverings in Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
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Blick in die Dauerausstellung mit Besuchern

Permanent Exhibition

Our permanent recounts history through individual lives and historical events, but always from the perspective of the Jewish minority in German-speaking places.
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Summer Vacation Program for Kids

Through the Museum with an App
Our summer vacation program for children aged 7 to 10 offers a scavenger hunt with a tablet, tricky puzzles and more.
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Upcoming Events at the Museum

29 June 2017, 7 pm:
Religion. Fashion. Empowerment. Talk and Panel Discussion
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2 July 2017, 2–7 pm:
Summer Party: Launch of the Cultural Summer Program 2017
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3 July 2017, 7 pm:
The New Völkerwanderung – Book Presentation by Asfa Wossen Asserate (in German)
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6 July 2017, 2 pm:
App Through X-BRG: Digital Stroll Through the City (in German)
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Our Latest Blog Post

A Look at Jewish Life in Shanghai through Chinese Eyes: Ghetto Life and Beautiful Shoes
by Wei Zhang
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Audio recording of the reading Two gods in heaven. Concepts of god in the ancient Jewish world by Peter Schäfer from 12 June 2017 (in German).
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Audio recording of the reading With Karamba to the Bundestag: My Journey from Senegal to the German Parliament by Karamba Diaby from 1 June 2017 (in German).
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Couldn't Make It?

We record many of our events on audio or video so that you can access them later online. Take a look at this list of all available event recordings:
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Powerful? The installation Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves) by Menashe Kadishman in the Memory Void.
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Detailansicht des Kunstautomats: eine Hand öffnet eine Klappe, die mit »Kauf mich« beschriftet ist

Art Vending Machine

Yay! The art vending machine in our exhibition has been refilled.
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12 of 12,000

To mark the centennial of the "Jewish Census" decreed by the Prussian War Minister on 11 October 1916, our archival staff is commemorating 12 of the 12,000 German-Jewish soldiers who fell in the First World War.
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