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Jewish Museum Berlin

Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin

Welcome to Jerusalem

Jerusalem is in Berlin now! The major exhibition addresses historical aspects of the "Holy City" as well as modern-day perspectives.
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Upcoming Events

6 November, 3 pm
New Alliances – Making Jewish-Muslim Dialog Work: Discussion as Part of the Jewish Future Congress
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6 + 8 November
Find Jewish Places! Workshops as Part of Berlin Science Week 2018
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7 November, 6 pm
What does Being Jewish Mean Today? The DAGESH Art Award 2018
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20 November, 7 pm
Science in the Light of Faith. Lecture Series: Science and Faith in Judaism and Islam
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In our events calendar, you can find everything on our extensive program of events (film screenings, concerts, readings, conferences etc.)

James Turrell

In the Museum Garden, we are presenting the immersive installation Ganzfeld "Aural" by the artist James Turrell.

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Light and Sound Installation res·o·nant

We are presenting a new light and sound installation by the conceptual artist Mischa Kuball.
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Jerusalem in Dialogue

Two guides with personal connections to Jerusalem lead through the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem. Gain new perspectives by discussing the city with them.
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Vacation Program

25 October, 11 am
Three Loaves and One Hallelujah. Workshop all about Religious Rituals – for children from 6-10 years (in German)
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1 November, 10 am
The Arrival. Workshop for Children from 10 to 12 Years (in German)
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Please note that the Eric F. Ross Gallery on the ground level of the Libeskind Building will be closed from 29 to 31 October 2018.

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Object Days

»Show us your story!« Beginning last year, the Jewish participants in the Object Days project have followed this invitation by recounting their migration stories to the Jewish Museum Berlin.
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New Interactive Map About Jewish Life in Germany

The new website gathers knowledge on Jewish life in Germany on an interactive map. Jewish Places invites users to contribute their own information and to explore material developed by experts.
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Our Latest Blog Post

“Whatever you want to see – you come to Jerusalem, and you can find it there.” Comments from Visitors to our Jerusalem Exhibition
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Logo des JMB Journals

We have dedicated the 18th edition of our JMB Journal to the topic of light. Read about the light in the history of creation, in religion and science, in art and architecture.
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"Is Somebody There?"

We give you glimpses of the museum at night and follow the director of the security team on his patrol with a flashlight, a radio, and only emergency lighting.
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The Jewish Museum Berlin is reinventing itself

Up until 2019 we will be creating both a new permanent exhibition and a children's museum. The two upper levels of the Libeskind Building are therefore currently not accessible.

Furthermore, you can visit the architectural highlights of the Libeskind Building – the Axes in the basement, the Garden of Exile, and the impressive Voids – as well as the current exhibitions and art installations.

More about our current exhibitions and art installations
More about the Libeskind Building
More about the new permanent exhibition

The exhibition catalog Welcome to Jerusalem is now available.
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The installation Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves) by Menashe Kadishman can be found in the Memory Void.
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Audio recording of the event Assaf Gavron: Achtzehn Hiebe (Eighteen Blows); 28 July 2018
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Video recording of the panel discussion Imported Antisemitism?; 30 August 2018
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Video recording of the lecture The Jerusalem Dispute. The Fight for Human Rights in Israeli Courts by Michael Sfard; 6 September 2018
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Media Library:
Conference "Jews in Muslim Majority Countries"

This conference provided an insight into a largely neglected field of research: Jewish history in Arab and Muslim majority countries. We recorded most of the lectures and conducted interviews with participants.
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Media Library:
Symposium "Stolen Judaica"

At this symposium, researchers from Israel and Germany reported on their handling of Judaica finds. Recordings of the lectures are now available online.
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Media Library

We record many of our events so that you can access them later. Take a look at our video and audio recordings:
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