Accessibility Statement

As at 26 July 2022

This statement on accessibility applies to the website published on the domain and was issued/revised on 26 July 2022.

As a public entity persuant to Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we strive to make our websites accessible in accordance with the provisions of the German Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (BGG) as well as the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) on the implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

The requirements for accessibility can be found in § 3 (1-4) and § 4 BITV 2.0, which was enacted on the basis of § 12d BGG.

A user test conducted in April 2021 in accordance with EN 301 549/WCAG 2.1 showed that our website does not currently offer full accessibility. In line with our commitment to accessibility and ease of use, we are however striving to comply with all the relevant accessibility standards (currently BITV 2.0) and remove any existing barriers.

Which parts, for example, are not (fully) accessible?

  • PDF downloads: Since 2016, we have been trying to make PDFs accessible online or to offer additional access to their content on our website in HTML. All files are marked accordingly – accessible or not accessible.
  • Multimedia: Text in the form of subtitles (for purely audio content: transcripts) and audio descriptions have not been added to some of our multimedia content. For new video and audio recordings, we endeavour to provide subtitles or transcripts immediately or as soon as possible after publication.
  • Keyboard access and screen readers: Some of the link lists in the navigation cannot be used properly in terms of both the reading and focus order. Their position in the DOM does not correspond to the visual layout. The same is true of the search field.
  • Modal dialog boxes: Dialog boxes (service navigation, search field) are not modal for use with a keyboard or screen reader: pressing the TAB key, for example, can move the focus to the inactive section of the page, making it invisible.
  • Forms: Check boxes and radio buttons are not accessible and cannot be operated by keyboard (replaced by text and graphic backdrop). There are no structuring paragraph tags or standardised autocomplete attributes for entering personal data.

The above website has been tested by an accessibility consulting firm. The site is being updated on the basis of the test results. Sign language videos are being created. Information is already provided in plain language.

Report a barrier! Feedback on accessibility

Would you like to report an existing barrier or request information about implementing accessibility? Then please get in touch with us by using our feedback form.

You can also contact us by post, telephone or email:

Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Lindenstraße 9-12

10969 Berlin


T +49 (0)30 259 93 300

F +49 (0)30 259 93 409

Under the auspices of the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities, an arbitration service is provided in accordance with § 16 BGG. The purpose of the arbitration service is to resolve conflicts between people with disabilities and German public entities.

You can engage the arbitration service if you are not satisfied with the responses from the above contact option. This is not a matter of determining winners or losers. Rather, the aim is to work together to find an out-of-court solution to a given problem with the help of the arbitration service.

The arbitration process is free of charge. You do not need a legal representative.

Full information about the arbitration process can be found on the website of the arbitration service. There you can find out how the arbitration process works and how to apply for arbitration. You can also submit your application in plain language or in German sign language.

You can contact the arbitration service at the following address:

Schlichtungsstelle nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz bei dem Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen

Mauerstraße 53

10117 Berlin

T +49 (0)30 18 527-2805

F +49 (0)30 18 527-2901

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